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Many thanks for your interest in our internet presence. If you are a builder, architect, property developer, construction business or company real estate administrator in or outside of Europe and are looking for legal security then we are the ideal parter for you. If you wish to resolve an unavoidable legal dispute in a foreign country in your own language and with your own lawyers or with the legal department of your own company, you should contact us!

There are many institutions in Europe, particularly in Europe's capital cities and centres of trade that offer arbitration proceedings in all areas of civil law. The Court of Arbitration for Private Construction Law Germany specializes solely in dealing with disputes related to construction law.

The Court of Arbitration for Private Construction Law Germany is based in the center of the European Union and provides its services throughout Europe and beyond as a permanent court of arbitration. A competent team of experienced construction lawyers and expert engineers will look after your case quickly and with the necessary care.

Our services provide you with a means of enforcing your legal rights. Our internet presence will give you the information you need to decide between the various methods of resolving legal disputes, so that you can choose the way to secure your activities that meets your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

We see ourselves as your parters, working together to your advantage.

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