Name: Stefan Leupertz

Nationality: German

Born: 1961, in Kleve, Germany

Office address:
OLG (State High Court) Düsseldorf,
Cecilienalle 3,
40474 Düsseldorf

Private office address:
Forstweg 7,
47533 Kleve

Telephone OLG: 0211/ 4971-228
Private Office telephone: 02821/21257
E-Mail: stefan.leupertz@t-online.

Present position:
Judge at the State High Court in Düsseldorf, 21st Civil Senate, responsible for construction cases.

Studied law in Bonn,
1987 first state examination in law, then traineeship in Cologne and Bonn,
1990 second state examination.
Subsequently judge at the District and State courts in Kleve; since 2000 judge at the State High Court in Düsseldorf, responsible for construction cases.

Areas of specialisation:
Construction procedural law and construction contract law

Arbitral experience:
As arbitrator:
As council:
Subject matter of the arbitral proceedings:

Membership in professional bodies:
Since 2003 member of the Court of Arbitration for Private Construction Law Germany

Co-editor of the magazine "Baurecht und Baupraxis" (construction law and construction practice);
Articles and commentaries in various professional publications

Languages: German, English (1 year stay in the USA)